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Specifications & Materials

Music Wire to DIN 17223, Class C. No.1.1200 or BS 1408 CR3.

Stainless Steel Wire to DIN 17224, No.1.14310 or BS 2056 302S26.

Direction of Helix: Right Hand.

Ends: Wire sizes up to 0.80mm - squared and unground.

Ends: Wire sizes 1.00mm and over - squared and ground.

Tolerances: All dimensions and forces conform to DIN 2095 (Grade 2) or BS 1726 Class B.

Surface Finish:
Music Wire = Oiled
Stainless Steel = Self

Recommended Working Temps:
Music Wire = 120°C (max.)
Stainless Steel = 300°C (max.)

Product Order Line: 01527 521000Product Order Line: 01527 521000

Springmasters accept payment by credit card.

Minimum order charge for UK & Rep. of Ireland customers: Orders are subject to a minimum charge of £15 plus carriage, packing & VAT. Minimum order per item £2.50.

Minimum order charge for Overseas customers: Orders are subject to a minimum order charge of £50 Pound Sterling ($100 US Dollars) on an ex-works basis.

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Metric: Assorted and Mixed Sizes

A selection of compression and compression and extension springs are available, in differing quantities and sizes, to purchase securely on-line. We also supply boxed imperial compression springs in mixed size boxes.

Wire Diameter
(Music Wire)
Parts Qty Springs Qty Music Wire £ Price Cart Icon
0.40mm to 1.00mm 30 300 A53000 66.51 Buy Now
0.63 to 1.60 12 120 A53020 39.93 Buy Now
0.50 to 2.00 21 200 A53040 66.51 Buy Now
0.50 to 2.00
(Comp. & Ext. Springs)
42 200 A53060 81.54 Buy Now

Wire Diameter
(Stainless Steel)
Parts Qty Springs Qty Stainless Steel £ Price Cart Icon
0.40mm to 1.00mm 30 300 A63000 78.90 Buy Now
0.63mm to 1.60mm 12 120 A63020 45.85 Buy Now
0.50mm to 2.00mm 21 200 A63040 81.54 Buy Now
0.50mm to 2.00mm
(Comp. & Ext. Springs)
42 200 A63060 95.81 Buy Now