Extension Springs

Specifications & Materials

Music Wire to DIN 17223, Class C. No.1.1200 or BS 1408 CR3.

Stainless Steel Wire to DIN 17224, No.1.14310 or BS 2056 302S26.

Ends: German loops, random position

Note: All Springmasters Extension Springs are right hand coiled.

Tolerances: All dimensions and forces conform to DIN 2095 (Grade 2) or BS 1726 Class B.

Surface Finish:
Music Wire = Oiled
Stainless Steel = Self

Recommended Working Temps:
Music Wire = 120°C (max.)
Stainless Steel = 300°C (max.)

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Max. Wire Dia.
Min. Outside Dia.

Max. Outside Dia.
Min. Free Length

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