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'E' Type Circlip Eurobase Dispenser

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E Type Circlip Eurobase Dispensers

E Type Circlips

The Eurobase dispenser is a compact high quality cast iron block with a hard wearing cover plate and incorporates an all round guide for the applicator. This ensures the safe removal of the circlip from the stack, preventing tilting and springing off, and as the applicator is positively guided into position no skill is required.

The stack consistes of a flexible steel strip which locates itself when inserted by means of a slot. The upper end is bent back and hooked into the base and the applicator can be parked in the base making a space saving installation.

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E Type Circlip Applicators

'E' Type Circlip Applicator

Applicators are available for circlips sizes 0.8 to 15mm and are used to pick up the circlips, hold them securely while they are being installed and then release the circlip when they are fully assembled on the shaft. Because the applicators grasp the circlips on the underside of the tool, it is possible to install the circlip without turning the applicator - a feature which greatly increases assembly speed and reduced operator fatigue.

Applicators are generally intended for use with stacked circlips on a Eurobase but may be used independently simply by pushing the circlip against a vertical surface to effect engagement with the applicator jaw.

Product Order Line: 01527 521000
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E Type Applicator for RSM0012APRSM0012£17.52
E Type Applicator for RSM0015APRSM0015£17.52
E Type Applicator for RSM0019APRSM0019£17.52
E Type Applicator for RSM0023APRSM0023£17.52
E Type Applicator for RSM0032APRSM0032£17.52
E Type Applicator for RSM0040APRSM0040£17.52
E Type Applicator for RSM0050APRSM0050£17.52
E Type Applicator for RSM0060APRSM0060£17.52
E Type Applicator for RSM0070APRSM0070£17.52
E Type Applicator for RSM0080APRSM0080£21.70
E Type Applicator for RSM0090APRSM0090£21.70
E Type Applicator for RSM0100APRSM0100£21.70
E Type Applicator for RSM0120APRSM0120£43.40
E Type Applicator for RSM0150APRSM0150£43.40

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