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Manufactured in Carbon Steel (11mm band width)

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Continuous hose clip banding is used in unusual or difficult clamping applications - where large containers are involved, for sealing or temporary repair of hoses or pipes, for fixing signs or objects to posts.

All components are made from high grade carbon steel,
zinc plated and clear chromate passivated.

Code No.ContentsPackaging Type UK pounds per length/set.
SMHC130 Metres of Hose Clamp BandingDispenser 45.2029.38
SMHC210 Metres of Hose Clamp BandingDispenser 16.6510.82
SMHC5100 sets of Standard Housing and ScrewsCarton 54.8035.62
SMHC625 sets of Standard Housing and ScrewsCarton 15.069.79

How to fit Hose Clamp Banding

  1. Measure the strip to the required length, add approximately 40mm and cut to size.

  2. Insert one end of the band into the open end of the housing and bend 13mm under.

  3. Feed the other end of the band around the object to be clamped or fastened, and through the slot at the rear end of the housing.

  4. Insert the screw into the housing and tighten, using a screwdriver.

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