Circlips and Retaining Rings

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Product Order Line: 01527 521000
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External CirclipExternal Circlips DIN 471 Metric

External Circlips N1400 American
Internal CirclipInternal Circlips: DIN 472 Metric

Internal Circlips: N1300
American Specification
Heavy Duty External CirclipHeavy Duty External Circlips: DIN 471 Metric

Heavy Duty External Circlips: N1460
American Specification
Increased AbutmentExternal Circlips
with Increased Abutment: DIN 983
Increased AbutmentInternal Circlips
with Increased Abutment: DIN 984
E Type CirclipE Type Circlips: DIN 6799 Metric

E Type Circlips: N1500
American Specification
Box of assorted circlips

Boxes of assorted circlips, ideal for maintenance departments, tool rooms, engineering shops, garages and handymen.
From only £16 for an assortment of 350 circlips.

Crescent RingCrescent Rings: Metric

Crescent Rings: N1800
American Specification
Grip Ring

Grip Rings: GRP Range
U Type Circlip'U' Type Circlips
External Snap RingExternal Snap Rings Internal Snap RingInternal Snap Rings KLM Retaining ClipKLM Retaining Clips
External Snap Ring DIN 5417External Snap Rings: DIN 5417,
for use with roller bearings
External Snap Ring DIN 7993 part aExternal Snap Rings: DIN 7993 part A,
for shafts with semi-circular grooves
Internal Snap Ring DIN 7993 part bInternal Snap Rings: DIN 7993 part B,
for bores with semi-circular grooves
Circlip PliersExternal Circlip Pliers
Internal Circlip Pliers
Grip Ring Pliers
Eurobase DispensersEurobase Dispensers E Type Circlip ApplicatorsE Type Circlip Applicators

Circlip Materials

The standard material for all circlips with the exception of some smaller external types which are made from beryllium copper, is carbon spring steel. Other materials are available on request including stainless steel (DIN 1.4122), phosphor bronze and beryllium copper.

It should be noted that parts made from special materials cannot be guaranteed to meet the thickness specifications of standard parts, due to the wider tolerance bands available on raw materials. The nominal thicknesses are maintained but allowance should be made for additional thickness tolerances.

Care should be taken when specifying special materials that no galvanic interaction between the circlip and groove material is likely to occur. this is usually only a problem when the assembly is in contact wiht conductive atmospheres.

Plated and Other Finishes

Phosphate and oil is the standard finish on most circlips, the remainder being self finish and oil. Where improved properties or appearance are required for operation in corrosive environments plating provides additional protection.

Zinc plated finish, with either clear or yellow chromate passivation, is available and may be electrolytic or mechanical at our discretion. Plated thickness can be 6 micron or 12 micron and will increase the overall thickness of the circlip.

It is essential to select the finish required with a view to the operating conditions including groove material or finish, since some combinations may actually accelerate corrosion.

Coloured lacquer finishes, for identification purposes, are available subject to enquiry as are copper flashed.