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Crescent Rings SSM: Metric Series

crescent rings

crescent retaining ring

Radially fitted circlips for shafts with grooves. Crescent Rings provide a shallow but uniform shoulder on relatively small shaft diameters. Higher resistance to thrust loads than standard ‘E’ type circlips. Neat appearance and suitable for applications where small clearance dimensions are important.

(Certain sizes are available in Stainless Steel)

Standard material: Carbon Spring Steel
Standard Finish: Phosphate and Oil.
(Also available in Stainless Steel)
Measurements in mm & kN

Also available: Crescent Rings: N1800 American Specification

NameShaft (S)Shaft ToleranceThick (t)Thickness ToleranceFree Diameter (D)Diameter ToleranceCirclip in Groove BeamRing Load Carrying Capacity (kN)Groove Diameter (G)Groove ToleranceGroove Width (W)Edge Margin (n)Groove Load Carrying Capacity (kN)Price 1-249Price 250-999Price 1000-4999Price 5000-9999Price 10000+Buy