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Small Hose Clamps Manufactured in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

hose clamp aba mini

ABA Mini is ideal for small diameter hoses. The clamp’s rounded edges ensure that the hose is gripped firmly but gently.

All components are made of high grade carbon steel. Band and 7mm Hexagon Screw are separately bright galvanised.

The zinc surface is then chromate finished, resulting in a stronger surface at least 10-14 microns thick.

ABA Mini Hose Clamp basic analysis

  • Screw size 46008 – 46011 = M4 x 13
  • Screw size 46012 – 46017 = M4 x 16
  • Screw size 48016 – 48017 = M4 x 20
Name Hose Size (mm) Band Width ±0.5 mmRecommended Tightening Torque (Nm)Price 1-49Price 50-99Price 100-499Price 500+Buy