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E Type Circlips incorporating DIN 6799 and BS3673/2 Metric Series

Also Available: E Type Circlips: N1500 American Specification

circlip e type

The most common form of radially fitted circlips for shafts with grooves. Provide a large shoulder on a relatively small shaft diameter. This range can be supplied stacked on rods for use with applicators and dispensers for rapid installation, thus resulting in sharply reduced assembly costs. Only the groove size is critical with this type of circlip, the shaft diameter can be varied widely.

Applicators are available for circlips sizes 0.8 to 15mm and are used to pick up the circlips, hold them securely while they are being installed and then release the circlip when they are fully assembled on the shaft. Because the applicators grasp the circlips on the underside of the tool, it is possible to install the circlip without turning the applicator – a feature which greatly increases assembly speed and reduced operator fatigue.

Standard material: Carbon Spring Steel
Standard Finish: Phosphate and Oil.
Also available in Stainless Steel (SS)
Measurements in mm & kN
* RSM0008 This size in Beryllium Copper only

E Type Applicator for RSM0012


E Type Applicator for RSM0015


E Type Applicator for RSM0019


E Type Applicator for RSM0023


E Type Applicator for RSM0032


E Type Applicator for RSM0040


E Type Applicator for RSM0050


E Type Applicator for RSM0060


E Type Applicator for RSM0070


E Type Applicator for RSM0080


E Type Applicator for RSM0090


E Type Applicator for RSM0100


E Type Applicator for RSM0120


E Type Applicator for RSM0150

Qty Circlips in Stack Circlip Code No. Price
600 RSM0012 RSM0015 RSM0019 RSM0023 RSM0032 POA
500 RSM0040 RSM0050 RSM0060 RSM0070 POA
450 RSM0080 RSM0090 POA
350 RSM0100 POA
NameShaft (S)Shaft ToleranceThick (t)Thickness ToleranceFree Diameter (D)Ring Load Carrying Capacity (lb.f)Groove Diameter (G)Groove ToleranceGroove Width (W)Edge Margin (n)Groove Load Carrying Capacity (kN)Price 1-249Price 250-999Price 1000-4999Price 5000-9999Price 10000+Buy