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Light & Medium Duty Serrated Washers

This range of safety washers has the unique feature of radial serrations on both the concave and convex surfaces. When final flattening of the safety washer occurs with tightening of the screw, these serrations bite into the mating faces, thus preventing loosening of the screw due to vibration etc. In addition, the disc spring profile will assist in retaining the required screw tension.

Compared with a conventional disc spring, or Belleville spring washer, the safety washer offers a reduced outside diameter. This corresponds to most screw head sizes, and is particularly compatible with the hexagonal socket type screw.

Note: ‘Lo’ is maximum dimension in delivered condition.

Material: Carbon Spring Steel
Surface Treatment: black
Other materials and surface treatments available on request

Serrated Safety Washers (PDF – 44Kb).

serrated safety washers diagram

NameSerrated TypeScrew SizeOuter Dia (mm)Inner Dia (mm)Thick (mm)Total Ht. (mm)Wt per 1000Screw Size (inch)