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Wave spring washers for Loading Ball Bearings and other purposes

Wave Spring Washers For Loading Ball Bearings and other purposes diagram

Wave spring washers are suitable for a variety of applications where a small deflection is required. In particular use wave washers to take up end play and to load bearing assemblies.

High carbon finely tempered spring steel and Stainless steel (R).

Surface Finish:
Washers are stocked in plain finish.

Washer designs indicated by * have 2 waves. All others have 3 waves.

PLEASE NOTE: The O/D & I/D sizes are the size of the blank before the bending process.

NameOutside Dia De (mm)Inside Dia Di (mm)Thick t (mm)Free Height Lo (mm)Loaded Height L1 (mm)Load P1 NewtonPrice 1-11Price 12-24Price 25-49Price 50-99Price 100-199Price 200-499Price 500+Buy