Die Springs ISO 10243

Each group of Die Springs is divided into a rising load range and can be identified by the following colour coding system.

Rectangular Wire Section (metric)

This range of die springs is composed of 9 groups by diameter. In this way it is possible to select springs of different load characteristics for the same tooling already adapted for pressed parts, resulting in a longer operating lifetime for your dies and die sets.

Precision manufactured with rigid quality control

Springmasters’ die springs are precision products manufactured on special equipment and under carefully controlled processes.

All of the manufacturing steps of our die springs are conducted under rigid quality control, inspection, and testing to assure that the long service life that has been engineered into every Springmasters’ die spring is not adversely affected.

Die Springs: Light Duty, Rectangular Wire Section: Coded Green

Light Duty
(coded Green)

Die Springs: Medium Duty, Rectangular Wire Section: Coded Blue

Medium Duty
(coded Blue)

Die Springs: Heavy Duty, Rectangular Wire Section: Coded Red

Heavy Duty
(coded Red)

Extra Heavy Duty
(coded Yellow)